About Us

Fano, which designs functional products using solid materials; It also responds to high-capacity special project demands quickly and with devotion.

Metal Bunk Bed, Wood-Metal Bunk Bed, Upholstered Bunk Bed, Wrought Iron Metal Bed, Upholstered Bed, Bed, Orthopedic Spring Mattress, Base, Base Headboard, Wooden Avangarde Headboard, Folding Bed, Folding Bed Frame, Portable Folding Bed, Garden Furniture, Metal Daybed Cedar, It produces Metal Staff Cabinet, Metal Shelf Cabinet and Home Textile products in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management and TSE Norms without compromising on quality and offers them to consumers.

Why Fano?
  • Designs in accordance with the 3 Main Rule;
    - Safety; We prioritize human health and produce safety certified products.

- Aesthetic; We offer classic and modern designed product options that appeal to all tastes.

- Economic; We design products for every budget without compromising on quality.

  • Modern and Innovative; As Fano Furniture, we closely follow up-to-date technology and we produce products suitable for modern life by giving importance to every innovative idea.
  • R&D; We work with a focus on R&D at every stage of production and we make great efforts to make our production more effective and efficient.
  • Firm Reliability; As Fano Furniture, we are happy to gain the trust of our valued customers.
  • Customer happiness ; We accumulate happy customers with devoted work and after-sales service.
  • Experience ; Fano Furniture has become the leading company of its sector with its 40 years of experience and has become a sought-after brand in a short time.
Completed Projects
  • Production of Metal Dormitory Bunk Beds and Student Beds for Credit Dormitories Institution and Private Education Dormitories.
  • Military Metal Bunk Bed production for military institutions.
  • For hotels with high bed capacity; Production of Hotel Beds, Extra Beds, Folding Beds, Folding Beds / Bedsteads, Pension Beds.
  • Production of Demounted Folding Metal Bunk Beds and Mattresses, which are demanded due to the seasonally increasing density in Hac.
  • Construction etc. Production of Personnel Construction Site Bunk and Personnel Bed demanded in the construction sector.
  • Production of Refugee Bunk Beds and Beds for Refugee-Immigrant camps.
  • Production of Seaman's Bed, Seaman's Cot suitable for the use of ship personnel for maritime enterprises.
  • Production of Beds and Beds specially designed for Disabled Care Centers and Elderly Care Centers.
  • Production of Safe Child Bunk Beds and Child Beds for Nursery and Preschool Child Education Centers
    and many other qualified special project requests have been completed with devotion.

Rational Solutions with Fano; We develop spacious and rational solutions for living spaces that are shrinking with the increasing population.