Folding Bed Manufacturers

Folding Bed Manufacturers

FANO is the major folding bed manufacturers , metal bed supplier and bunk bed manufacturer in Turkey which the example was not seen in the past years, has become a sought after need in a short time, as a result of the necessity of people in daily life and saving space with its usefulness. If you are looking for manufacturers of foldable bed, rollaway bed, fold away bed, then you are on the right place. A fold up bed is used as a practical solution in many homes today. The folding mechanism feature  is the most basic factor that distinguishes it from other standard bed. It consists of a combination of two basic products, a metal bed with a special folding mechanism and a foam mattress used on it. We are also major manufacturer of dormitory bed, worksite bed, refugee bed, hostel bed.

Folding Bed Manufacturer

Fano is the manufacturer of rollaway guest bed which is the first bedding products that people are interested in today. It is preferred as a practical solution especially in crowded families. If you own a folding bed, you won't have to worry about your boarding guests. If you have a quality bed, you will make your guests feel special... This space-saving bed design is not only in your home, but wherever you go thanks to its folding feature.
You can carry it comfortably in your car and continue your sleep quality without interruption wherever you go. If you are looking for quality and comfort in metal beds, you should definitely check out Fano products.

Extra bed for guests, hotels, hostels and hospitals.

An extra bed not only draw attention with their performance in narrow spaces with its folding feature in homes, hotels, hostels and hospitals but also with their practicality and space savings in large areas where a large number of people will stay. If we take this as an example; Global or regional migrations may occur due to natural disasters or wars around the world. Folding furnitures that can be used in camps created for the accommodation of disaster victims or refugees are among the most practical sleep products. Standing out with their portability, ease of installation, being usable on any surface and saving space, smart beds are among the most demanded main products in disaster survivors and refugee camps.

Folding Bedsteads

Folding bedsteads, which appear as a practical solution in many areas of life, are also used intensively in hospitals today, which can be an alternative product in cases where patient beds are insufficient, are considered as companion bed, especially in service rooms. In addition, it is seen that innovative bed is among the most frequently used products in the collective accommodation areas of quarantine zones during pandemic times. Rollaway bedsteads can be used as visitor beds or additional beds in hotel establishments or corporate guesthouses, as well as staff beds in large construction sites.

Folding Bed Models

Bed is undoubtedly a product that is found in every home and has no alternative. You need to choose your bed well. There are criteria to be considered when choosing a bed, which is almost the most used item in a day. There are also some varieties of these products. The beds are offered to users with different features. For example, there are models such as inflatable mattresses, which are frequently needed for long-term travels.

Folding Bed Manufacturer Designs

The folding bed stands out with its useful structure among different models. This model takes up much less space than a regular bed, as it can be easily folded and removed. In this way, it does not create a crowded image in your home. It does not cause narrowing of your living space. Especially preferred by users who host frequent guests, the folding spring mattress draws attention with its practical installation and comfort. The folding bed without a cot makes up for this lack with other features.

Folding Option Benefits

The bedstead is a difficult item to transport, although it has its own benefits. It also takes up a lot of space in the house. Folding beds, which have various models, are a useful product as they take up minimal space in your home when not in use, as well as ease of installation. For this reason, you can take the folding bed, which is easy to carry, on travels.

Thanks to the advantages it provides, the size of the folding bed, which is the favorite of the users, varies. Single and double folding bed options are available. There are also folding baby bed models for families with children. Thanks to its design, folding beds have a stylish appearance. Folding beds are diversified with the materials used in their production as well as their designs. Various folding mattress materials such as visco, latex or sponge offer different experiences to the user, while at the same time allowing the price tag to be in a wide range. Important points to consider when buying a folding bed; comfort, quality, size, age of the user, brand and design. If these criteria are taken into consideration during the selection, the product suitable for the need can be selected much more easily.

Bed Specifications and Models

Having many varieties, folding beds can successfully meet user needs. In this way, they stand out as a popular product. Folding bed models; they differ from each other by showing differences such as size, size and design. Single folding bed types are ideal for guests or users who live alone and do not prefer a bed. These products, which provide superior comfort, also do not occupy a large space in your home. Thus, you can have the opportunity to evaluate your room in different ways. Double folding foam mattress options are also available. Thanks to the foldable double beds, you can get a wide and comfortable use. These products are also ideal for those who host frequent guests.

More beds with folding option

Folding beds aren't limited to just foldable models. There are also models that reduce the footprint, such as a folding bed on the wall, and are completely user-friendly thanks to their ease of use. These models also make the installation process much easier. Folding bed cabinets also attract attention with their similar features. Thanks to this model, you can lift your bed into the closet. Thus, it is possible to achieve a much more elegant look in your home. Foldable beds also make house cleaning much more practical thanks to their easy-to-carry structure.

Folding Model Options

There are also suitable options among folding models for users who do not prefer thick mattresses. The thin folding bed is a model that stands out with its light and comfortable structure. For those who want to feel the softness at the highest level, the spring foldable mattress can be the ideal choice. With their spring structures, these products offer maximum comfort to their users. Another prominent product of this category is the folding mattress. Compared to folding base beds, which take up more space because of their feet, these products stand out with their minimalness and simplicity of installation. Single or double folding mattress models are available. Many users who suffer from back, waist or neck pain prefer folding orthopedic mattress models. With their body-compatible structures, orthopedic models support a healthy sleep period.

Useful bed models

Folding beds are among the household items that stand out with their usefulness. Folding beds are extremely popular due to their practical use and minimal footprint. The use of folding beds depends on the need. These products include models suitable for use while camping. It is also possible to find products that offer comfort for continuous use. You can choose these models for yourself or for your guests.

There are many factors that affect the use of folding bed types. Its design, size, material used in production are some of these factors. The usefulness of the product depends entirely on the needs of the user. Single folding bed; It is ideal for those who like to host guests, student houses or those who often set up tents and spend time in nature. There are many options, from models produced for children to folding guest beds. By identifying the needs, a useful model can be easily selected.

How to Choose a Folding Bed According to the Purpose of Use?

Types of folding beds vary according to their intended use. During the selection, you need to make sure that the need met by the mattress is suitable for your intended use. For example; When you use the functional folding beds for camping at home, you may not get the desired result. It is extremely important that you make the right choice in terms of both your sleep quality and comfort. Similarly, it is not possible for you to use a folding bed that you bought for your child. The sizes of the folding children's beds and the models produced for adults are different. In order to achieve a problem-free use, it is extremely important to correctly determine the needs and expectations at the selection stage.

The area of use is also a criterion to be considered during the selection phase. The folding air mattress types are suitable for general use. However, it should not be forgotten that these products can be deformed during use in nature. If you prefer hard floors, you can choose from thin mattresses. Despite this preference, you can increase your comfort by choosing a foldable foam mattress. The folding mattress pouf is often used for lounging. This product can be preferred both to host guests and to create a different and functional space at home.

Hotel or hostel-like business owners may also choose folding beds to use in their rooms. This makes things much easier to move, transport and clean beds. In addition, these products can be used for extra guests staying in the room. Users who frequently suffer from muscle pain such as back, waist and neck should prefer folding mattresses for orthopedic ones. With an orthopedic mattress, it becomes possible to reduce these pains, sleep in a much healthier way and start the day vigorously.

Folding Bed Manufacturer Prices

Folding Bed Manufacturer Prices

Folding bed prices; It differs according to the size, brand, quality and model of the product you choose. The options for folding portable beds are extremely diverse. In this way, it is possible to find folding beds suitable for every budget. When buying a folding bed, it is very important to determine your needs first. A folding bed that doesn't meet your needs won't do you any good, even if it's affordable. For this reason, it is recommended to consider your needs before your budget.

The prices of folding beds vary according to the brand as well as the product quality. It is in your best interest to choose a folding mattress that will maintain its durability for a long time and will not affect your comfort. Initially, the price quoted for such a product may seem excessive to you; however, with long-term and trouble-free use, you can gain serious economic advantages.

The folding sofa bed prices are relatively higher due to the fact that these products can offer different functions. Among these models, which offer the opportunity to achieve multiple uses with a single product, there are options suitable for every budget. Another factor that affects prices is material. This can cause the prices of single foldable beds to be higher from time to time compared to larger products. This is also reflected in the price of the folding mattress, as the cost of production, processing and distribution of each material varies. However, thanks to the abundance of material options, the prices of these products are suitable for every budget.

The types of materials used in the legs and skeleton of the folding beds can also cause the labels to differ. Models made using solid materials such as iron may have relatively higher price tags; however, thanks to their long life, these products offer an economical use. The fact that the amount of material used in the foldable single bed and the larger model is not the same is also reflected in the price.

Bed dimensions by Manufacturer

Folding bed dimensions around the world may differ according to the standards set by the countries. For example, while 90x190 dimensions show density in bed standards in Turkey, the commonly used measurement in Europe is 90x200 cm.

Where you may find a Folding Fano Bed?

We are exporting beds to many parts of the world, especially to the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Fano is a professional manufacturer, wholesale supplier in standard sizes of all countries and in all requested special sizes. Preferred single sizes today; 80x180 - 80x190 - 90x190 - 90x200 - 100x200 and 120x200 dimensions. The dimensions of the double, which are used extensively, are;
140x190 – 140x200 and 150x200 dimensions.

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