Bunk Bed Manufacturers

Bunk Bed Manufacturers

Fano Furniture has been the locomotive company of the metal bunk bed manufacturers and folding bed manufacturers in Turkey. We are the major bunk bed exporter to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. In the global market, it has become a sought-after brand among metal bed, steel bed, iron bed, folding bed, student bunk, military bunk, dormitory bunk, hostel bunk, foldable bed, rollaway bed, worksite bunk, employee bed, refugee bed and metal bunks in international projects with its high manufacturer capacity, devoted work and price policy, supply time, commercial relations and unchanging quality understanding.

Heavy Duty Bunk Bed Manufacturer

Metal Bunk Bed Manufacturer in Turkey

Fano Furniture, with its more than 40 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge, has achieved success in the metal furniture sector, both in the domestic and international lanes, and has made its mark among the leading manufacturer of the bunk industry.

Fano carries out its bed manufacturing activities in its facilities established on an area of 16500m2 in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone with its technological machinery park, experienced work team and professional managerial staff.

Fano exports 95% of its production to the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Middle East. 

Bunk Bed Projects

Fano Furniture product range; Bunk, metal steel folding bed, mattress with spring and with foam, bedbase and headboard, cabinet, locker, garden furniture and various home textile products.

Projects that our company frequently takes part in;

  • Production of metal military bunk bed.
  • Production of dormitory, student metal bunk and bed.
  • Production of hotel, hostel, extra folding bed.
  • Production of metal children's bunk, bed and bedstead for child welfare institutions, care centers.
  • Production of seaman's bed, bunk suitable for the use of ship personnel for maritime enterprises.

Fano, in cooperation with international UK aid organizations (Red Crescent, Red Cross, Unicef, etc.) for disaster victims or asylum seekers who had to leave their homes due to natural disasters on earth or global wars, fulfills the demands in the fastest way possible. It has met the urgent needs of institutions by producing refugee bunk and beds in high numbers. Fano has become a leader among refugee bed.

Our company is a wholesale manufacturer  for project works that require high production capacity, as well as home type bed, classic bunk for daily use. It continues its production of many metal and iron models such as bed with work tables and with sofas.

Metal Bed Safety

As important as physical comfort during sleep, safety is at least as important as sleep. When people feel safe, they reach their psychological comfort. Standard bunk is usually produced as two-story beds. For this reason, safety is ultra important. Adopting the basic principle of quality and human health, Fano has not compromised on the production of high quality and safe and sound beds by using 1st class raw metal materials. As a manufacturer of many bunk models, another security element that we care about is the railing. Models with railing make up the majority of our product range.

Iron Bed Quality Certificates

Fano has ISO-9001 Quality Manufacturer Certificate, TSE Bunk Certificate, European Standards Bed Conformity Certificate and safety certificates which meets with the US and UK bed safety norms.

Fano Bed Prices

As we are the major manufacturer of bunk beds,  we are sure you may find best competitive prices with our company.

Bunk Bed Models with Metal Construction

Sleep has been one of the things we care about in daily life throughout human history. So much so that we determine our working hours and even our social life according to our sleep time. The first way to start the day healthy and fit is through a good sleep. You will need a comfortable bed for a good sleep. Mattress manufacturers of Turkey have been in technological studies for many years in order to produce comfortable mattresses and they have been successful. The term bed is very broad and many bed models are gathered under this term. The bunk is one of them which have been in human life for years with their usefulness and comfort, have entered our lives with many bed models used in both children's and young rooms, bedrooms and many different parts of life.

Fano Bunk Bed Manufacturers, Wholesale Supplier

Our company Fano, which was a manufacturer in the 1970s, started its bed production activities upon the intense demand of its customers in the following years and became the first among bunk manufacturers at Turkey. Since the first day of its establishment, Fano  has become a sought-after bunk brand in the international metal market in a short time by adopting quality and human health as a principle. In addition to many product types, Fano  has become the most equipped bunk factory in its region, especially because it is high volume manufacturer, and continues to provide the best service to its customers as a wholesale supplier.

Bunk Bed Manufacturer Models

Bunk is usually produced as demounted model, as they have a high structure from the ground. Two-storey bed is often preferred for living spaces that are shrinking with the increasing world population. Two-story bunk is also known as classic model. In addition, manufacturers from Turkey also produce for single people and even beds for 3 people. Single is usually manufactured as beds with a desk. Bunk for two are called with stairs or with 2 floors. Two-storey can also be used as two different beds side by side as they are demountable. For this reason, they are also called as detachable bunk.

Parent Bunk Bed Manufacturer

It is also produced with a double floor on the bottom floor and a single person on the top floor. It is called triple, or parent bunk.

Military Bunk Bed Manufacturers

Military bunk bed manufacturers play a critical role in supplying durable, functional, and safe sleeping solutions for armed forces. These manufacturers prioritize the use of high-quality materials such as heavy-gauge steel and reinforced aluminum to ensure longevity and resistance to harsh conditions. The bunk beds are designed for robust construction with reinforced joints and secure welding techniques, making them suitable for heavy use in demanding environments. Additionally, these beds often feature modular and stackable designs, integrated storage solutions, and easy assembly options to maximize space utilization and adapt to various military settings.

Safety and compliance with military standards are paramount for military bunk bed manufacturers. They incorporate enhanced safety features such as non-slip ladder rungs, reinforced guardrails, and secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries. Adherence to strict safety and quality standards ensures that the beds meet the specific requirements of military clients. Furthermore, the use of anti-microbial coatings and easy-clean surfaces helps maintain hygiene in shared living spaces, contributing to a healthy and safe environment for military personnel. Through these efforts, military bunk bed manufacturers provide essential support to the infrastructure and operational readiness of armed forces.

Dormitory Bunk Bed Manufacturer


Dormitory bunk bed manufacturers play a crucial role in providing practical and efficient sleeping solutions for educational institutions and shared living spaces. These manufacturers focus on creating bunk beds that maximize space utilization, essential for dormitories where room is often limited. Utilizing high-quality materials such as steel and hardwood, these beds are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use by students. Additionally, manufacturers often incorporate features like integrated storage units, built-in desks, and modular designs that allow for easy reconfiguration and adaptability to different room layouts.

Safety and comfort are key considerations for dormitory bunk bed manufacturers. They adhere to strict safety standards to ensure the beds are secure and stable, with features such as sturdy guardrails, non-slip ladders, and reinforced frames. Comfort is also a priority, with ergonomic designs that support good sleep posture. Many manufacturers offer customizable options, allowing institutions to choose finishes, sizes, and additional features that best meet the needs of their students. Through a combination of durability, functionality, and thoughtful design, dormitory bunk bed manufacturers enhance the living and learning environments of students, promoting both safety and convenience.

Metal Worksite Bunk Yurt Manufacturer

Metal Worksite Bunk

Metal worksite bunk is also of great importance among the types of bed used in business areas. They are suitable for use for many years with their plain appearance and durable structure. Standing out among the metal construction site bed manufacturers in Turkey, Fano continues to serve its customers with more than 40 years of experience.

FANO Metal Furniture Manufacturer USA

FANO Metal Furniture Manufacturer - Turkey

Working is the biggest factor in the development of humanity and reaching today, and a fundamental ability inherent in human nature. Humans and even all living things are always working and in an effort.

The way to produce is through working. Knowing what to produce is the result of working by thinking with the right information. A person who decides to produce something must first produce ideas, list his goals and determine his goals, create his work area and start production in a planned manner in order to reach his goals at the right time.

Just as described here; Fano put all the knowledge it acquired into operation in the 1970s, has worked hard since then, has never stopped learning, has created a great company memory, and has continued its production without interruption by setting new targets for itself in every period.

Fano continues its production adventure, which it started on an area of 35m2, today in its 16500m2 facility with over 100 colleagues. Fano Metal Turkey, has become a respected brand among bed factory both in its own region and in the international metal market. As the Fano family, we love our bunk job, we know what we manufacture and we are aware of our strength.

Children's Double Bed

Although school dormitories come to mind when bunk beds are mentioned, stylish bunk bed models are indispensable for children's rooms. The product is not only a good opportunity for children to sleep, but also for them to socialize and learn to share. Generally, it is one of the products preferred in children's bedrooms in families with more than one child. It saves a lot of space by placing more than one bed on top of each other. Thanks to the functional decoration it adds to small houses, its contribution to the formation of pleasant living spaces is great.

Coosing right childeren bed

When the width of the room is calculated correctly, a bunk that can be used by 2 or more people can easily be placed instead of a single bed. While going up to the 1st floor is quite simple for the child, it is important that the ladder is placed in the right place and that it is easy to climb to the 2nd floor. Children's metal bunk beds attract attention with their colors and visual richness as well as their functionality. The result can be more successful when the choice of models that do not narrow the children's movement area is left to the children. Because the way they use the product and the difficulties they face give families an idea about the product. Ceiling height of the area to be installed is also important when choosing a bunk bed. It is necessary to pay attention to the height of the bunk bed so that the children do not have trouble when they get up in the bed. It should not be forgotten that color detail is an important factor for creativity in children's rooms. Children spend much more time in their rooms than adults.

Placing bunk in the room

The decoration, colors and objects in the rooms can contribute to their motivation, as well as negatively affect them if they are not chosen correctly. In fact, when the rooms are transformed into a small playground with the bunk bed model with slides, the time spent in the room becomes fun. In the rooms, which are used both as a bedroom, study room and game room, there is enough space for activity after the single place occupied by the bunk bed. Children, who have a pleasant time with their siblings, enjoy the fun when they invite their friends. In addition, it is noteworthy that it is frequently used not only in children's rooms, but also in parent bedrooms recently.

Types of steel beds that will make everyone happy

One of the handicaps of city life is the scarcity of areas where children can spend time together, apart from the small parks and shopping malls between the streets. In the tumult of the city, it is difficult for children to enjoy playing together on the streets. Therefore, parents give special importance to the design of children's rooms. Two-storey bunk bed models with metal-wood composition can be used side by side as well as on top of each other. Thick pipe profiles with static oven paint on their metal parts are the parts that hold the bunk bed. There are wooden models on the head section, foot ends and edges. Also, the stairs are made of metal pipe. In these models, each bed size is generally designed as 90x190 and 90x200 cm. The head and side details of similar models can be produced from wood. Wooden parts are generally 18 mm and produced from 1 class MDF. The carrier and ladders are metal and made of 0.1mm thick pipe. Baked static paint prevents discoloration or darkening. The outer dimensions of the bunk bed are 90x190x181 cm. Recently, models with successful designs in the master bedrooms are eye-catching.

Modern Bed Attracts Attention With Its Different Designs

In houses where the use of bunk beds is not preferred, when the beds are placed opposite each other, a very small movement corridor remains in the middle. In such cases, it is also a problem to place the belongings of the room such as a desk and a library. Children's rooms in homes are usually of average size. Since it is not very large, optimum use of the space is essential. 2-storey bunk bed models are suitable for large families, as well as for homes where guests are frequent. It's also a good idea for kids to spend time together when their friends come. In the meantime, the bunk bed models, which the furniture industry has developed by analyzing user behavior and habits, are designed as a small living space apart from being a bed. Desks, libraries, wardrobes and lighting systems in some models make the product attractive for children. Thanks to the products that are usually designed close to the wall, all the necessary items can be found together. Thus, a large area remains in the middle. Bunk beds built on a simple profile add color to living spaces while at the same time refreshing them. Wardrobe bunk bed is a preferred model when there is no space to put a large wardrobe or when an integrity is desired in the room. Wardrobes act as storage for children's clothes or toys. Some bunk beds come with bunk beds, a cot and a small 2-door locker. The ladder can be positioned to the right or left, and it can be used as a storage area thanks to its large internal volume. Product dimensions, including the ladder, can reach up to 240x185x96 cm.

Smart Bed Creates Pleasant Living Spaces

In addition to being functional, bunk bed models, which are successful in creating pleasant living spaces, color the world of children and young people. While the room has a tidy appearance thanks to the product, the storage areas that tidy up the clutter, the combination of the work desk and a small library under the same bunk bed close to each other, the cot detail in some models is suitable for the practical use of the younger generation. In addition, colorful models decorated with patterns that children will love also attract the attention of children. Bunk bed models, which start as a necessity of city life and then guarantee pleasant spaces with their creative models, also support sharing in rooms where more than one child lives. Alternate working is possible when there is only one worktable. Or, when children see that they are more successful when they work together, they continue to do so. Designs in the form of 2 bunk beds and 1 bed on top of each other in the rooms and 2-layer bunk bed sets aim to use the space at the optimum rate. Thus, the remaining free space adds freshness to the environment.

Many parents today do not want to leave their young children alone. Sofas or chairs in children's rooms are not comfortable for parents. In such cases, bunk bed models with top bunk beds and six double or single beds are the savior. Parents are both aware of the child's reactions at night and enjoy sleeping in a comfortable bed. Those whose upper part is designed as a house roof have a playground underneath. The product, whose material is pure wood, contributes to the development of the child's imagination with its shape resembling a house window designed as a railing. Today, when it comes to smart, digital communication tools such as phones and tablets or electrical devices such as lamps that work with smart equipment come to mind. In addition, it is necessary to mention the smart bunk bed model that the furniture industry produces by not being insensitive to the developing technology. The first prominent form of this model is the foldable movable wall beds. The model, which folds towards the wall during the day and takes on the appearance of an elegant wardrobe, turns into a 2-storey bunk bed in the evening. While the user, whose usage area increases during the day, can decorate the room with different furniture, he can also choose to use it in its empty state. Such models are also ideal for guest rooms. In addition to the cabinet-like outer surfaces, the library has the appearance of a work desk and also attracts attention with its different functions. At the end of the day, foldable beds that will turn into a ladder bunk concept are known as new generation bunk beds. The model, which is a savior for small houses or houses with lots of guests, is among the designs that users like.

Practical Bunk Bed

For generations, sleep has been one of the most important things in people's lives. The need for sleep has determined people's work and leisure routines. For this reason, life comes to a standstill at night and billions of people aim to get a quality sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

A good sleep is essential for a healthy and fit start to the day. For this, it is important that your bed is comfortable. For this reason, designing bedrooms to be a comfortable and peaceful environment is one of the issues that most people care about. Bed comfort, in particular, is one of the essential issues that should be considered for the health of everyone, from young to old.

The beds have models that differ from each other in terms of many criteria, such as whether they are single or double or orthopedic. Practical bunk bed is also one of these models. Bunk beds are one of the bedroom products preferred by families with two or more children, especially because they offer usability and comfort together. These products, which have many models from cupboard bunk beds to detachable bunk beds, offer versatile use.

Bunk beds are not only produced for families with many children. There are bunk bed models suitable for adults, as well as suitable for single children's or teenage rooms. Models with cabinets or drawers are especially useful for school-age children. However, they are very long-lasting products.

What are Bunk Bed Models and Features?

Bunk bed models are products that differ from each other in many respects. Adorning the bedroom, these beds add an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to your room, along with a comfortable experience. The bunk bed is one of the most diverse furniture in the bedroom. There is a bunk bed model suitable for everyone, with models made of different materials and types shaped according to the purpose of use.

Military Bunk Bed

The military bunk bed model, which has a very different structure from these models, has gained a much more aesthetic appearance by combining with brand technologies today. It is an ideal product for users looking for an easy and practical use with different color options and pattern differences. In this way, this bunk bed is appreciated with its simple appearance that adds elegance to the rooms. The number of people who prefer this model, which fits comfortably in narrow children's rooms, is not small at all. In addition, easy installation is among the reasons for choosing this product.

Classic Bunk Bed

The first model that comes to mind when it comes to bunk beds is the classic ladder bunk bed model. This model is a life-saving product especially for families with two children. It has many different color and model options. Especially with its white bunk bed color, this product provides a very sterile and aesthetic appearance in your room.

Iron Bed Standart Color Manufacturer

Metal Bunk Bed Colors

Metal bunk beds are generally produced as white, black and gray in terms of color. Models with white color easily adapt to your decoration thanks to their eye-catching structure. At the same time, it helps the decoration in your room to look brighter and more spacious.

Black Bunk

Black metal bunk bed is another model preferred by users. As with the white color, this model is preferred in order to harmonize with the decoration. It has a special place in terms of being among the most frequently produced models. In general, quality is more important than quantity in these product features. In this context, brands constantly renew their model and functional features along with needs and expectations.

Trundle Bunk

With its designs that appeal to all tastes, the metal bunk bed with trundle is designed to open another bed from the lower bunk, apart from the two-story structure. This plus one bed designed model saves space, especially in small rooms. In this way, a fresher image can be obtained in living spaces.

Assembling Bunk

Metal bunk beds are fairly simple to assemble. It is combined with the help of bolts together with the metal rod and the holes drilled accordingly. At the same time, the iron bars located between the beds are easily mounted thanks to the special areas opened. You can also get help from the installation diagram included. The 3-person metal bunk bed is offered for sale as another frequently preferred model. Bunk beds, which are among the preferences of the parents, are usually located at the bottom of this model as a double bed. Families with one child often prefer it, thanks to the high protection feature of the guards on the upper floor. Designed as a 3-person bed, this model saves space and has a functional usage structure. This design, where the table, book and bed are gathered in a single space, has high-end features. Since the bed is located on the upper side, ladder support is offered. The table, which can be located at the bottom of the bed, has been increased in use with bookcase designs on one or both sides according to the user's request.